John R. Lee


John Lee

Mr. John R. Lee served in The United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam conflict. He is a retired police officer with 39 years experience in law enforcement and security. He has more than 35 years diverse management experience, including corporate security, administrative services, and facilities management. His excellent strategic planning, negotiating, team building, and problem solving skills, combined with his strong leadership and high personal integrity, make him a solid leader for IISLP.

Mr. Lee has a vast network of local, county and state police officials that he works with to provide professional and reliable services to his clients. His professional relationships with client staff from union workers to senior management provides a proven record of excellence and reliability with his clients.

During his 20+ year history with a local utility company, Mr. Lee has worked both as an employee and contractor. His professionalism and dedication to their security needs has earned their trust and respect. It is his goal to continue providing unsurpassed service to all of his clients at the high standard of excellence he has set for himself and IISLP.

Mr. Lee earned a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration and is a graduate of 146 Session of National Academy of FBI.

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